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How “Tweet” it is…Or is it?

By Dante Vitoria December 6, 2016 OK, raise your hand, nice and high IF you tweet, read tweets, re-tweet or have some sort of access to electronic or print media OR know someone who does. Right, now put your hand…
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Et Tu, Guys…Really?

By Dante Vitoria December 2, 2016 Let me ask my Inferno dwellers a serious question. I know, who me the sarcastic, wise cracking bon vivant that you all love and admire? Yup, I have a question! What do you say…
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Yet Again…Our New President “Trumps” the Masses!

By Dante Vitoria November 29, 2016 I know…Donald Trump is: “Vindictive” “Mean” “A Bully” “A Misogynist” “Self-Absorbed/ Self-Centered” “A Narcissist” “A DUMMY” I could go on and on reading from the papers, listening to talk radio and watching TV and…
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