Venture Capitalism 101: Show Me The MONEY!

Dante Vitoria's Dante's Inferno

By Dante Vitoria May 2, 2017 Sit in on any discussion, chatroom, investment club or attend any entrepreneur seminar and you will hear many things being said. One, far more often than all of the others…”I need Capital to grow…
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Free Speech…But Only If “WE” Like What You Say?

By Dante Vitoria March 14, 2017 CONGRATULATIONS to you Laurie L. Patton, President of Middlebury College, a fine institution of higher education. Nestled in your cozy little slice of paradise in Middlebury, VT you trumpet Liberal Arts EXCELLENCE … too…
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What the F@#K Chuck!

By Dante Vitoria March 7, 2017 New York U.S. Senator and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is at it again, and it’s time for him to understand WHO he is and what his job is! The definition of a Senator (noun):…
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DANGER, Will Robinson…Or Is It Uncle Sam?

By Dante Vitoria February 28, 2017 We have a lot of fun in the Inferno, and I LOVE to reminisce about the good ol’ days. Do you remember the robot from “Lost in Space”? “Danger, Will Robinson!” was the warning….
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The Wall: Great Album, GREATER IDEA!

By Dante Vitoria February 22, 2017 There I go again, showing my age again. In 1979, legendary rock band, Pink Floyd released their album, “The Wall”. It sold 18.1 million copies. 15.4 million in the United States and 2.7 million…
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