I Once Read a Book Titled “The Art of the Deal”… Perhaps Congress Should Read It While On Recess!

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By Dante Vitoria July 25, 2017 

In case you haven’t heard, Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. As I always say, he is ALSO our CEO, so let’s start to pay attention to what the CEO says and allow his leadership and business acumen to lead our country and “Make America Great Again”. Regardless of where you fit in along political party lines, you have to acknowledge one clear cut FACT… OBAMACARE ISN’T WORKING! So, now that I’ve made that point clear…our Congress both the Senate and House of Representatives need to get in line and in step with President Trump and do what is RIGHT for their constitutes, us, the citizens who not only elected them to represent us, but those who pay taxes to support the government, pay all our bills (and also CHOKE on the deficit that has accumulated at our expense).

It is abundantly clear that there is a need for a functional healthcare system. It is also abundantly clear that all of our elected officials have their own agendas and are creating a roadblock to accomplishing and establishing said healthcare system. BUT WHY? And more importantly, what can be done to establish one that works for the country? What can be done is easy to see, but may be virtually impossible to do. Stop the childish behavior. Stop the name calling, accusations, “tweeting”, lying, etc. And start doing your JOBS! And to be clear, the JOB of members of Congress is to represent those who elect them (see above) and nothing more. If and when (and don’t hold your breath) they realize that and actually do just that, we will ALL be FINE.

Our country has a very diverse population, and there are a plethora of “needs” within that population. Senior Citizens have different concerns than Baby Boomers do. Single parents have different concerns than Veterans do. And on and on. There needs to be compromise and cooperation…or a DEAL. Well, we now have a tremendous “deal-maker” residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. No, not Monty Hall, or to lesser extents, Bob Hilton, Billy Bush or Wayne Brady…but Mr. Donald J. Trump himself, CEO of the United States of America.

You all know I am a BIG fan of President Trump, but he is not blameless either here. He really does not need to hop on Twitter and call those Non-Republicans (see I am even TRYING not to call them dummycrats) “obstructionists”. His point is that “they” are always…selling their plan.
No need to say it Mr. President, we can ALL see it (even if the media isn’t reporting it). President Trump has made it clear that his intention was to replace Obamacare. He is STILL trying to do it, and I am confident he will get it repealed. But what then? Try to “craft” a bill in the House and Senate? Well, that has been tried and has failed (in the Senate). Now what? Round 7,325 of name calling and tweeting by BOTH sides? That only helps the CNN’s and Washington Post’s of the world, and also makes the United States of America (the GREATEST Country in the World) look dysfunctional and holds us up to “ridicule” by far lesser nations.

Here’s a better idea, and one that I am reasonably confidant will happen sooner than later…Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell will receive an invitation to a round of golf at Trump National Golf Club, Westchester (great course, I’ve played it) and have a long “chat” educating BOTH gentleman on what needs to be done and explain to both, that it is important to “play nice” together and get the ENTIRE Senate to draft and PASS a healthcare bill for the ENTIRE country and not just a few favored special interest groups.

Ms. Pelosi, should join Paul Ryan as Mr. Trump’s guests over a nice lunch in the clubhouse after the round and hear the same speech in regards to the House of Representatives. If any of the “invitees” dare to decline the invitation, their respective parties should immediately remove that individual and replace them with someone with a less busy social calendar. In short, GET IT DONE! The Art of the Deal.

A deal can’t be one sided (although us Venture Capitalists try to attain that daily). Both parties need to receive something that they feel is valuable in constructing the deal (agreement). This should be a day’s work for President Trump, and it would be if he had the cooperation of Congress. Rather than yelling and screaming at President Trump. Maybe everyone, citizens, legislators and media members should adapt to this mindset. So simple, yet not done, why? Want to know WHY the members of Congress do not do this? It is very clear, if you stepped back and really LOOKED. It would take WORK, that’s why. And it is HARD WORK.

Here are a few suggestions:
1-Eliminate the Individual Mandate that forces all individuals to HAVE to pay for health insurance. That will save individuals money, and give them a “raise” (if you are saving on your health insurance premium, your pay check is larger).

2-Eliminate the employer mandate. This would allow insurance companies to “bid” on business outside their area. When insurance companies are competing for business outside of their city/state, prices will drop, lowering costs for all.

3-Eliminate taxes on health insurance premiums for employers. This, coupled with number 2, will give the employer more choices and ultimately offer their employees more choices, and better healthcare.

4-Establish and expand HSA’s. Allow those who wish to pay for their own insurance more options, and defer taxable income to pay for it. This step would reduce the burden on the entire system by excluding many who do not need “assistance” to pay for healthcare AND afford those who do need assistance, a better quality of care and opening up more options for the insurers as well. This will also allow for “pre-existing conditions” to be covered with the savings to the employers.

5-Establish programs to combat opioid/substance abuse. If you can decrease this abuse, you will eliminate need for many treatment programs to treat this epidemic.

By taking these steps you will accomplish:
-Providing better coverage for low income Americans (notice I said Americans, not illegal aliens, another BIG FACTOR to make healthcare work).
-Providing better medical options for low income Americans.
-Allowing Medicaid to get back on a sustainable path going forward.
-Allowing for smaller States to compete with larger ones for insurance coverage.
-Leveling the field for States to secure Federal tax dollars to assist in funding healthcare.
-Implementing the reallocating of authority from Washington, D.C. to individual States. This will allow each State to determine what is BEST for their residents. And one last suggestion…FORCE Congress to stay in Washington, D.C., in session until the bill is COMPLETE!

I know you’re thinking, “sounds like a GREAT PLAN Vitoria, you should be President!” Yeah, well, I just showed you what MY President is putting on the table! Allow our CEO to lead our Corporation and Make America Great Again. And instead of fighting him, just once, try listening to what he’s saying. Because, what he is proposing above, might actually just FIX what both sides are fighting over. In Trump We Trust!

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.

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  1. Marguerite

    Our elected officials on both sides CAN and MUST
    do a better job for the American people . Get back to WORK!!!!
    Well said, Dante!


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