USA Inc.: In President/CEO Trump We Trust!

Dante Vitoria's Dante's Inferno

By Dante Vitoria May 17, 2017

That’s right, we are BOTH a country (the GREATEST country in the World) but we are also a corporation (and for the past 24-years not a Fortune 100 one). Now, thank GOD, we have President/CEO Donald J. Trump. This is the BEST POSSIBLE outcome of any election since President Reagan “narrowly” edged out Walter Mondale (525 Electoral College votes to 13 and we ALL KNOW the Electoral College votes are the only ones that COUNT right Chucky?)

So, why do I say this? The U.S. must STOP, and is stopping, to be a “JV” Socialist country. What happened to our:
Work Ethic?
Reputation and stature in the world?
Easy answer…READY? Well, William Jefferson Blythe III, George Walker Bush (sorry, but not our BEST Republican that lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) And, of course my FAVORITE (NCAA bracket “filler-outer”) that is Barack Hussein Obama! Not exactly a “Willie, Mickey and the Duke” (more like “Spanky, Alfalfa and Stymie”).

Now look, we NEED to get back to what we do BEST. Lead the Business World! We can’t have the unemployment we have and social programs (AKA HANDOUTS must stop). No welfare, try WORKFARE! No more protests, like “Occupy Wall St.” (which I lived through and the anniversaries too). IF you want to occupy something, OCCUPY a DESK. Do something, sell something, buy something, trade something!

When Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the Gold Standard (actually FDR did, but …) We only would trade Gold for dollars, but the scales tipped and by 1971 our dollar was so decimated (we had more Gold Reserves than our dollar was worth). HUGH MOVE! And a GREAT BUSINESS DECISION.

Now we are in 2017, less than 4-months in office (barely the start of the 2nd quarter of a fiscal calendar) and President/CEO Trump has:
New Unemployment claims down.
Job growth up.
Financial Markets up across the board (“The Big Board” for my Wall St. Buddies).
And MOST important…the World’s noticing!

Angela Merkel was “offended” when she was told she was going to have to start paying for services rendered?
Justin Trudeau is “pissed-off” about lumber prices and orders?
Pena Nieto doesn’t want to pay for THE Wall?
I’m not sure, but President/CEO Trump could not give any of that a second thought, nor SHOULD HE!

Simple Question…Can the CEO of a publicly traded company put the best interest of the public FIRST? Hate to tell you, but the answer is CLEARLY “NO”! Now before you call the guys in the shiny white truck on me, hear me out. The United States has developed into a corporation BECAUSE our past Governments have caused it to happen. You MUST have a strong infrastructure to have a successful nation and a successful corporation. But at what cost? When our nation manufactures NOTHING, we have a problem, and we manufacture LESS than NOTHING in the United States (but that is changing RAPIDLY). Our Trade Deficit is way out of balance. Look at the DEFICIT (if you have a STRONG STOMACH). If a CEO had a corporation that looked like this, he would be sitting next to Jim Cramer and Larry Kudlow telling us how it SHOULD BE. Well, we have President/CEO Trump now. He isn’t doing that, he is just FIXING THE CORPORATION, quickly and efficiently!

Imagine if the Dummycrats would work WITH him as opposed to trying to fight the progress? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Look at those who are up for election or re-election. Don’t evaluate who they are, evaluate what they have DONE (or NOT DONE) to enhance OUR Corporation’s Stock Value.

I look at everything and try to see a “positive”. Not always easy but…I heard a great quote from of all people, WWE CEO Vince McMahon (husband of the SBA Administrator, Linda McMahon by the way). He said, “If I get up on Christmas Day and see a pile of horse manure under my tree, I say, there must be a pony here somewhere!” Well guys, we have had ENOUGH horse manure under our tree, we NOW have a President/CEO and LEADER, so work WITH him, and if you don’t want to do that…SHUT UP and enjoy the prosperity! Watch the value of our “USA INC.” stock rise!
In President/CEO Trump We Trust!

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.

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