Et Tu, Guys…Really?


(Photo: Dante with Congressman Dan Donovan (R-NY) and Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani)

By Dante Vitoria December 2, 2016

Let me ask my Inferno dwellers a serious question. I know, who me the sarcastic, wise cracking bon vivant that you all love and admire? Yup, I have a question!
What do you say or do when a friend of yours says something clearly wrong?
I don’t mean something like, “Ryan Fitzpatrick should be the starting QB of the Jets”
When in a heated debate over where do you get the BEST pizza in all of New York, and your friend doesn’t start off with ” Spumoni Gardens” on 86th St. in my beloved Brooklyn!
My friend and New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer (D) wrote a letter to us this week which was for the most part… totally wrong (in my NOT so humble opinion).
Scott feels, Mr. Trump:
May cut as much as $7 billion in federal funding (Trump’s stance on Sanctuary Cities, like NYC)
Scott goes on to point out that this cut will have the largest impact on the following:
The Homeless
Domestic Violence Services, HIV and AIDS prevention services
Child Care services for children most in need
The NYPD and Counter Terrorism services
OK Scott, I am with your thoughts, however, you need to look at the other side of the equation.
Scott, Mr. Trump says he will seek to remove people who are in the United States ILLEGALLY!
Since, according to statistics, most of the people who benefit from these services are not in the city (or the U.S. for that matter) legally. How does that HURT us? In the long run, it will HELP us.
Scott, wants us to “Stand Together” and send the message to the White House that any cuts are “totally unacceptable”.
Scott, you KNOW I am a friend and a supporter of yours. I truly hope you took me seriously when we spoke at the Italian Heritage Breakfast that you hosted recently, and I encouraged you to become our next Mayor!
You know where I stand when a staunch Republican like me makes that statement, and means it!
Perhaps, it would be best if we did away with state and local governments all together and allowed the Federal Government to run things?
Come on Scott….you are MUCH better than that!
Now to another friend, and a man who I truly respect for his business acumen and his service to the state of NJ and opinions on TV and radio, Steve Adubato.
Great guy on all levels, truly.
I received an email from Steve on November 30, 2016 titled:
“America needs a More Disciplined President –Elect Trump”
Steve thinks Mr. Trump has a “trigger finger when it comes to his tweeting”
Steve, really?
Does it really matter what the leader of the free world says in 140 characters at a time?
Steve, did you see what Mr. Trump did for Carrier? Or were you reading tweets and comments from the likes of Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders?
You claim Trump tweeted that he won both the Electoral College and popular vote, but offered no evidence that he won BOTH the Electoral College in a landslide and the popular vote if you deduct the millions who voted illegally.
Steve, PERHAPS he is CORRECT. Regardless, he is our President-Elect!
You can help unite our country by accentuating the POSITIVE and letting the cheap shot artists and the “la la land liberals” sit and stew and WATCH Mr. Trump lead our country out of the MESS Mr. Obama left it in.
And speaking of POSITIVE, look at my friend and Congressman Dan Donovan!
Dan tweeted:
“Looking forward to supporting the 21st Century Cures Act today.”
Way to go Dan! I am proud of you and proud to have you representing my district in Washington, DC.
You know, I really do have some cool friends…and they are all great guys!

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.


  1. Karen Denniston

    I could not agree more with your thoughts that we all must stand together as a UNITED country behind our leader and let him do the job he was voted in to office to do…regardless of any previous ideas any may have had. Together we can accomplish so much more than divided.

    1. dante vitoria

      Thank you Karen. And THANK YOU for following THE Inferno ! Keep following along ….I have a feeling it is going to get HOTTER and HOTTER as OUR PRESIDENT repairs the US and makes us GREAT AGIN


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