The Inferno is BURNING!!!

By Dante Vitoria August 1, 2016

So. Mrs. Obama, YOUR First Lady is “upset that her “two beautiful BLACK daughters ” live in a house and play with their dog in a home built by slaves. GREAT thought Mrs. O. By the way, you do not OWN that house, WE the citizens of The United States of America do.

I, for one, and I HOPE ALL OF YOU, have a number of thoughts on this…

One, WHY the need to use “black” as an adjective ? Are they more or less “beautiful” because of their skin color?

Why play the “race card”, especially at the DNC?


Because that is how the democrats get their point across…Simple.

Remember her comment on “your President’s” inauguration:

“this is the FIRST DAY In my life, I am PROUD to be an American”

GREAT….So, IF that is the case, how could she say such nice things about William Clinton and HIS WIFE Hillary?

This is why I cant take these people seriously…and NEITHER should YOU .

The “Dummy-crats” have NO CONCEPT of reality (yet good ol ‘Doug Elmets…..MORE on HIM in a moment) seems to have that under control.

Every time a “Dummy-crat” tries to make a point, it is RACIAL.

Truth be told…I am a racist…..I favor the HUMAN RACE!

Although I have fondness for felines, equines and of course canines…..Especially my “Princess” Chanel , my 2lb 13 oz Micro Yorkie., but I digress.

Does anyone else see this? When things don’t go their way…It’s because someone else is a racist.

Roy Innes where are YOU ???????

Why do the “Dummy-crats” feel the need to do this/?

On January 31,1988, did the Washington Redskins get EXTRA CREDIT for winning the Super Bowl because Doug Williams (a Black man ) was their Quarterback? I know Doug, well. he never thought about the color of his or anyone of his teamates skin….He just played WELL! Oh, shame on you Doug!!!!!!!

Now, as for the GREAT REPUBLICAN Doug Elmets….

Great call Douggie ….Trump is NOT Reagan…..and it is NOT 1980 either!

I was and AM a HUGE fan of Mr. Reagan.

He was the first person I cast a vote for to become President. I am VERY PROUD of that and always will be.

To compare Trump to Reagan is as FOOLISH as comparing Reagan to Trump.

Did Mr.. Reagan run a Multi Billion Dollar International Corporation…YES, The United States of America (sorta of technically he just took it over from many other greats).

Does Mr Trump? the answer is CLEAR…YES he does. Is it FAIR to compare men from 36 years ago to one today?

IF that is the case, why didn’t Tom Seaver start this years All Star Game???

THINK Doug , OR at least TRY…and if we are comparing people, here is one:

You and Benedict Arnold !!!

Should I continue or do you GET IT YET??????

Do we want a LEADER who can stand on his own feet and handle the issues that we face as a nation OR do YOU want a liar, a criminal leading the way…

Perhaps, she should stay home and TRY to find her missing hard drive.

Ouch, did I say that ?

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.

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