I’ll Take the Strawberry, with WHINE and CHEESE!!!

Photo: Me and Brandon Steiner at Yankee Stadium

Photo: Me and Brandon Steiner at Yankee Stadium (keep reading you’ll get the connection)

By Dante Vitoria August 25, 2016

Hey Darryl, I have a riddle for you:
“Why does a locker room have a door?
AND the bond of being a teammate is SACRED.
What happens in there is SUPPOSED to stay in there.
I have been in many locker rooms as part of a team, and have seen and heard some AMAZING things.
AND, NO  I will NEVER write about them …

Unfortunately, The Strawman doesn’t feel that way.
But IF you recall, Dorothy, Toto et al helped The Strawman (I KNOW Scarecrow but give me some poetic license, ok) they TRIED to get him a BRAIN.
Fooled me, I have watched the Wizard of Oz a thousand times, and I thought he already had one!
Maybe he should have traded with The Tin Man?

Over the last few days, my opinion of Darryl Strawberry went from:
“Man, he could have been a Hall of Famer” to “Well, he REALLY turned things around, I am happy for him … God bless him”
To “A BIG RAT”!!!

Maybe in Compton, “The HOOD” gang-central, the TOUGH GUY neighborhood, the place where you came from. You and your BAD ASS ATTITUDE, ratting on your friends is accepted.
Well,  D A A A A A A R R Y L, NOT here, in “Vitoriaville” it is NOT accepted.

IF you were so concerned about Dwight Gooden and HIS health, you should have not gone to the media to express your concerns. You know where he lives, you have his number …
Go to him, and help him.
By the way, why is it that you also felt compelled to tell EVERYONE that had a microphone that:
“I have two Rehab centers…”
Followed up QUICKLY by:
“I don’t need the money”
NOW, today we hear from our “Cheese –eating” HERO:
“The Yankee Organization has offered to PAY for Doc’s rehab”
Is that at any rehab or JUST ONE OF YOURS???

COME ON Straw…

I watched the ESPN 30 for 30, the one where you said you and Dwight Gooden were not REALLY CLOSE, but everyone thought you were!!!
Are you or are you NOT friends?
Do you CARE about Dwight or are you looking for FREE PR?
Don’t answer, WE ALL KNOW the answer. You are VERY transparent.
Plain and simple, YOU RATTED ON DWIGHT GOODEN, Point Blank PERIOD!
IF you wanted to help, GREAT, you know the RIGHT way to have gone about doing so.

Congratulations, you got your name, face and voice all over the country….at the EXPENSE of an other man.
A man who has issues with substance abuse, and dragged him through the MUD!

And, I actually saw you on TV with a fellow Brooklyn Girl, Rosanna Scotto and her “partner” Greg Kelly.
SHAME on you too Rosanna…you know what a RAT is!
What if Darryl discussed helping 20 year old’s who steal HIGH END LADIES PURSES???
Would it have been so FUNNY and ENTERTAINING then??
How many times has your “sidekick” been accused of doing something “FOUL and DISGUSTING” yet the two of you “YUK” it up daily!
Too bad Dwight’s father (God rest his soul) wasn’t NYC Police Commissioner!

Is it POSSIBLE that Dwight Gooden (God Forbid) is ill and THAT’S why he has lost weight?
Again…IF you REALLY wanted to help Dwight Gooden, and I don’t know IF you did and made a mistake going about it or not…

And KICKED a “FRIEND” when he was down!

And, I also want to say THANKS to a GREAT GUY, and a friend of mine, Brandon Steiner, CEO of Steiner Sports.
He spoke with Dwight Gooden and did a GREAT JOB getting his side of the story.

I hope Dwight is well, and lives a long and happy life….
Rule #1…NEVER RAT on your friends!!!

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.


  1. Annette

    I agree with you that a superstar like Strawberry never intended to help a fellow ball player with his recovery. If Strawberry was so concerned with Gooden’s recovery, he could have privately reached out to him.

    1. Dante Vitoria (Post author)

      Thanks Annette! Keep the comments coming!

    2. Dante Vitoria (Post author)

      Also Annette, Strawberry wasn’t a good teammate when he was on “The Team”. And he has proven it again! Remember Picture Day? Ask Keith Hernandez.


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