GOT JOBS? The Government says YES….I say NO!!! 

By Dante Vitoria August 9, 2016

U.S. jobs report was published (I LOVE a GOOD Cartoon, don’t you)?  

The report said 255,000 new jobs were created in July of 2016! 

WOW, kudos to Mr. “O” and his crew of “financial experts” for a GREAT JOB!!!! 

Just one question…

Where are these jobs? Who received them? What is the average salary for these 255,000 jobs? What industry/industries are they in?

Should I keep on asking these inane, boring, flippant and my personal favorite (and many say my “go-to”…sarcastic questions? 

Why should I?  You ALL KNOW the answers. 

We are being lied to…for the last 7 years and 240 days…

Oops, there I go again. Silly me, pointing out THE FACTS! 

Fact is, these 255,000 “jobs” are either “temp” or part-time (outstanding, part-time employees don’t get benefits.

According to the Obama Administration, job growth has been on the “plus” side of the ledger since 4th quarter of 2009…. 

GREAT JOB Mr. “O” !!!!!!!! 

Amazing…The SAME FOLKS (the United States Government says our GDP has increased a WHOPPING ….READY? 0.73% between 2009 and 2015 

Sorry, I just can’t figure that one out. 

Maybe I should go back to NYU and Columbia and complain, after all, I should be able to calculate numbers OR do simple math on my two MBA’s from both Universities…Oh, there goes some more sarcasm…

Truth hurts sometimes, especially when the pain is inflicted by our elected officials and is aimed at our wallets. 

Here are some FACTS: 

Unemployment remained 4.9%…good news? Right? 


Unemployment benefits are finite. When your allotted time expires, your benefits cease…However, you still are unemployed.

Your only option? Temp jobs, work at home scams, commission only positions…OR sit home and do NOTHING!!!

Business and professional firms led the way by adding 70,000 positions. Often, sales positions…insurance, financial services…and are commission based. 

Is that a JOB? I say NO…No salary = No Job.

Health care was NEXT. 

43,000 positions…SEE OBAMACARE WORKS, right? 

No, not really (NOT AT ALL) 

My theory, the health insurers need more people to process the abundance of paperwork due to Obamacare…and of course, deny your claim.   

Don’t believe me, have a conversation with your Doctor about his/her income and how many claims are denied, after they provide their services. 

And…38,000 new “jobs” were created by… The U.S. GOVERNMENT!

Thank you citizens…WE PAY THOSE SALARIES (and BENEFITS). 

They NEED these positions…after all, how else could these reports be prepared? 

It gets better: Manufacturers and construction companies are stagnant, the two KEY components of ANY economy’s growth. 

Now READY for THIS? 

The Obama Administration replied to this fact with this:

“Manufacturers are growing more slowly because of depressed domestic and global demand. Homebuilders, for their part continue to add jobs to keep up with rising home sales, but commercial construction has lagged behind, due to a freeze in “business investment”


THINK FOLKS…when you do not have a JOB, you have no disposable income… SO, the “Demand” for products, goods, services…and even new homes is lowered…

I learned that a LONG TIME AGO, I think I was 5…Mr. Softie came by…I had a “salad bowl” haircut, chubby cheeks, a cute smile…and NO MONEY…OR Ice cream. 

Looks like ANOTHER “tall tale” from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to me! 

Don’t worry guys…there is ALWAYS social security! 

Oh, there I go AGAIN…MORE sarcasm…but at least it is not a bunch of BS, is it Mr. “O”?

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.


  1. Matthew Robles

    good article! The job market is tough. I am looking learned some interesting facts! Thanks for the insight.

    1. Dante Vitoria (Post author)

      Thanks so much Matthew! Be sure to subscribe to Dante’s Inferno and keep the comments coming!

  2. Annemarie

    Obamacare SUCKS!!!!
    Research deductibles!!!

    1. dante vitoria


      Spelling counts in “The Inferno”
      You have a mispelling !!!
      Its O B A M A , not Obamacare that sucks! Please humor me , name ONE THING he has TOUCHED that is any good at all! Just ONE, other than a basketball pool for the NCAA’s !!!
      Now THAT is presidential material !!!!!

  3. Annette

    What about the 55+?????
    Lack of job security is an issue ..job pool is limited …where limited …where are the jobs????

    1. dante vitoria

      That is an EASY one Annette, even for ME. FOREIGN COUNTRIES !!!!!!!


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