Economics 101 From Section 21 in Yankee Stadium

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By Dante Vitoria August 10, 2016

A sad, sad day in “Yankee-Land” on Sunday! Alex Rodriguez announced he would play his LAST GAME this Friday August 12th.


As I sat in my seats in section 21, TRYING to eat a lobster roll (a glass of Pinot Grigio and a hefty bag of candy from the Wall of Candy…I LOVE the Legends Section) I couldn’t HELP myself. 

Surrounded by all the Yankee fans dissecting the news that beloved Yankee, “A-ROID’s” retirement (or WHATEVER you call it), I HAD to add my 25-cents (come on, 2-cents doesn’t get you much these days, and I am Wall Street Executive).

I had to literally explain a few FACTS to my Bronx-brethren, and you KNOW a Brooklyn guy just LOVES doing that, right? 

Here it goes: 

“But, he should have just QUIT, he SUCKS” 

No, Champ! Oh, yes, he does suck, and HAS for the whole year (WHEN he graced the field with his presence). 

My reply: “Why”? If he does retire, he forfeits $3,068,493.10 USD for the rest of this season PLUS $20,000,000.00 USD for 2017!!!

And we ALL know, “A-FRAUD” has plenty of “cents” and even MORE dollars. 

The Yankees signed Mr. Rodriguez to a 10 year, $275,000,000.00 USD contract in 2008, ALL guaranteed MONEY!   

Anyone want to rethink the term “Dumb Jock”? 

Hey, Mr. Trump, how about naming Dan Lozano (Rodriguez’s agent) to Chairman of the Fed?

Second statement, PRIOR to my first taste of lobster roll…

They should send him to “A” ball 

EXCELLENT IDEA…except, he has enough service time in the Majors, that he can’t be, unless there is an injury, and that is for a finite period of time.

This was met with loud groans (Now if were in Brooklyn, perhaps someone would have “volunteered”… NO, I’m just JOKING!!!

Next piece of brilliance… 

Trade his ASS!!!! 

Reminds me of the joke. Stock Broker sells his client a $5 stock and says “if it hits $7, we sell”. Stock goes to $7, broker calls and says “sell”, client says “no”…this goes on all the way up to $20. Then it starts to fall…$19, $18, $17……. $3 !!! The client calls and says “SELL”, the broker replies “TO WHO”? 

There is not a team in MLB (or any other baseball club on the planet) that would take him AND his salary! Of course, if the Yankees wanted to “eat” the rest of 2016 and ALL of 2017, they could trade him…

They TRIED to trade him…OFTEN

Actually, they TRIED to have MLB void his contract, with $114,000,000 USD left on it! And WHY, you ask? The day after he was found guilty of PED (Performance Enhancing Drug) use on 1/28/13. 

This brings me FULL circle.

“A-ROID” is not the ONY culprit in this Sunday Matinee that I was now FULLY immersed in (and one that was keeping me from my lobster roll, wine…and of course…MY CANDY!!

Brian Cashman, looked right into the camera and, HEAVEN FORBID…LIED to all of US!

“Valued member of the Yankee Organization” 

“Great teacher to our young players” … all except those who studied Chemistry in school!

“We are proud to have him remain in the Yankee Family”

Folks, it comes down to MONEY…MY FAVORITE TOPIC…

One final thought …”Curse you Aaron Boone”

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.


  1. Kevin

    Definitely agree Yankees have choices as does the Big “A”. Don’t see retirement and lose the money. And trade like you stated pick up his salary,unless he’s willing to take a huge pay cut. Overall finish his time and bow out quietly. Hope you enjoy lobster roll and Pinot

    1. Dante Vitoria (Post author)

      Kevin…Find a team to pick up $1 of A-Roid’s contract and I will drive him there myself. A few teams will take him…if the Bombers pick up the freight!

  2. John

    Think another team will pick him up?

    1. Dante Vitoria (Post author)

      Hey John. No, I don’ think he will be. He has a position within the New York Yankees now. If he were to sign with another team, it may not be there when he is done laying with another team.

  3. Rose

    Don’t care about the drama…sorry to see you go ARod!!

    1. dante vitoria


      Think it is coincidental since he “retired” the Yankees are in the thick of the play-off race?????


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