Pop Culture

How “Tweet” it is…Or is it?

By Dante Vitoria December 6, 2016 OK, raise your hand, nice and high IF you tweet, read tweets, re-tweet or have some sort of access to electronic or print media OR know someone who does. Right, now put your hand…
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Et Tu, Guys…Really?

By Dante Vitoria December 2, 2016 Let me ask my Inferno dwellers a serious question. I know, who me the sarcastic, wise cracking bon vivant that you all love and admire? Yup, I have a question! What do you say…
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Bye Colin…GLAD to see you GO!

By Dante Vitoria August 31, 2016 So, let me get this straight. Colin Kaepernick, the BACKUP QUARTERBACK of the San Francisco 49ers does not want to stand for the National Anthem, is this correct? My First reaction, “GREAT, Friday you…
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