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Rapid Fire Wrap-Up October 13th, 2017

Dante Vitoria's Dante's Inferno www.dantesinferno.nyc

Dante Vitoria’s Podcast: Dante’s Inferno Rapid-Fire Wrap-Up This very special rapid fire may seem like a sequel, but it’s a true original.  Give us your two cents on Dante’s thoughts on what should be done with O.J. Dante Vitoria’s Dante’s…
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Free Speech…But Only If “WE” Like What You Say?

By Dante Vitoria March 14, 2017 CONGRATULATIONS to you Laurie L. Patton, President of Middlebury College, a fine institution of higher education. Nestled in your cozy little slice of paradise in Middlebury, VT you trumpet Liberal Arts EXCELLENCE … too…
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