You’ve Come a Long Way Baby…Or Have You?

Dante Vitoria's Dante's Inferno
By Dante Vitoria October 17, 2017

If you are anything like me, I’m guessing that you’re sick of hearing about Harvey Weinstein and his abuse of women. You’re probably sick over the whole damned thing. As a human being, you should be. I warn you not to file it away in the darkest place of your memory (until it gets resurrected when the next creep does something creepier, if that’s possible). Instead, keep it close in your mind, and even closer in your conscience. Please.

“Why?” You ask. “I didn’t do anything wrong, Weinstein did!” That was my initial reaction too, but I realized I had to rethink it. Hopefully you will too. We are supposed to be living in a progressive society – a society where everyone not only has equal opportunities, but an equal voice. If that’s the case, then why are women who are harassed, threatened, abused, and even assaulted by a predator still hesitant to speak out, or more importantly, speak up? Is it because of fear that our society will brand them as ‘gold diggers’ looking for a quick payday? Or is it far more reaching than that?

Did you hear what Geraldo Rivera had to say on the Weinstein mess? Speaking with Sean Hannity on “Hannity”, Rivera shared this opinion: “There are a few industries were the imbalance is so profound. Where you have an 18, 20, 22 year old girl, she’s coming to one of these powerful Harvey Weinstein type mogul, you know, with the big belly and the hairy chest and the gold and all the rest of it. She knows that she’s got a very limited time. It’s a very fragile window that she has to make it big in a highly competitive industry where if she doesn’t make it by 23, 25, in the modeling industry it’s 23 skidoo. There is great incentive on both parts.” 

Did you catch that grand finale? There is great incentive on both parts. WOW. Let me see if I understand. Because a “girl” (silly me, I thought the correct term was young woman) wants to model or act, she has to acquiesce to a big bellied, hairy chested, gold wearing CREEP to make her dream come to fruition? Thank you, Geraldo, for such a clear explanation. What happened to him anyway? Remember his expose on Willowbrook? He defended and protected those who were facing horrific injustices. That’s the same reason Rivera became an attorney in the first place. He wanted to help the Latino community attain equal treatment under the law. Did you forget that, Geraldo, or is it just the sign of the times? Is Weinstein your friend? Do you condone this type of behavior. Perhaps Geraldo should reenter Al Capone’s vault and lock himself inside.

But this is not about Rivera, or his unacceptable comments and thought process. There are many more equally insane remarks and viewpoints ahead. Alec Baldwin, one of my favorite MORONS, criticized Fox News for reporting on the Weinstein scandal when they covered up Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly’s wrongdoings. Apparently, Baldwin didn’t like FOX analyst, Greg Jarett, suggesting that the Weinstein Company shut its doors. This is coming from the same moron who left a voicemail to his then 11-year-old daughter calling her a “rude little pig.” It gets better, as it always does in The Inferno. Baldwin is also the same man who called Weinstein a “douchebag” in 2012 after Weinstein refused to fund a project Baldwin wanted to do. Well, at least Alec got one thing right about Weinstein.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball here. It is 2017, folks. We should be WAY MORE EVOLVED in our attitudes on gender equality. Apparently, The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) just opened their calendar and realized what year it is. Last week, the organization announced they would start incorporating boys and girls. The Girl Scouts of America, on the other hand, are making it clear via Twitter (a great place to wage war) that they aren’t too keen on the idea. My take on the whole MESS? Simple. Ready? Combine the BSA and GSA. Rename it the SA – The Scouts of America. How hard was that?

Remind me, do women serve in the military?  Do we separate the Marines as The United States Boys Marine Corps or The United States Girls Marine Corps? NOPE! I have a niece who is a highly decorated member of the Marine Corps. She served ten years in the military and the only flaw I’ve ever seen in her is that she takes after her uncle as a diehard Mets fan. Go tell her she can’t do what boys do. But, do it over the phone. It’s safer (for you) that way.

Here’s another idea. Go watch the Brady Bunch episode that aired in 1971. It’s called The Liberation of Marcia Brady. Marcia felt that young women had the same skills that young men have and should be afforded the same opportunities. She was challenged by her brother, Greg, to prove it by passing the Frontier Scouts initiation test. I’ll stop before I give away any spoilers. But do you get the point yet?

I am as conservative as they get and I’m chock-full of testosterone. But really? Is it okay for the Harvey Weinsteins of the world to be CREEPS? NO, IT IS NOT. Think of the enormous amount of contributions women make to society on a daily basis. Think about where we would be without them.

And maybe Geraldo should think about the Capone vault being an actual viable option. Just saying.

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.

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  1. Jacquie Fishbein

    Nicely written. ..Your comment on why wouldn’t a woman bring this to anyone’s attention is clear to many.. FEAR. FEAR in itself of what the consequences would be to the victim in this very unwanted compromising position, and I will explain more in a minute. I wanted to comment on Mr. Geraldo Rivera….he is nothing more than a wash-up. He is appalling, and disgusting and clearly his comment says it all. It sickens me to read the words he uses to describe women in the working environment…Good to know he is off the air or at least on any networks that I watch…which a very short list of networks.
    Anybody who has been placed in unwilling compromising position against their own will, or has been threaten by someone who tries to use their power to force or make anyone feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or unsafe in a work environment should bring them to their manager or supervisors attention immediately. Everyone should have a safe way to let someone within the company know what is taking place, and also for that person not to feel like there would be any backlash for reporting the incident. Let’s face the truth here in my generation woman who were raped the defendants attorney would make remarks that the woman asked for it. Here is where the FEAR part comes in; and FEAR is just (False Evidence Appearing Real)…Comments like look how she is dresses…she was only asking for it. These thoughts ring true in many woman’s minds. So we shouldn’t be so quick to judge that it’s that easy to just pick up the phone a place a call and this will be fixed no problem. Any time an employee makes any complaint about another employee it has to be investigated and all this takes time. While HR is doing their behind the scenes investigation these 2 individuals are still working and it becomes humiliating and extremely uncomfortable for any woman to have to deal with this 8hours a day.
    I think many women in the past who may have gone thru an unwanted sexual encounter in their work place feared retaliation. Retaliation is real it happens and depending on the size of your organization a woman who makes this compliant could be face with both parties losing their job meaning hers. If you’re a single mom and sole bread winner in the home, well somehow has to put a roof over your head and food on the table right. So what is she left to do…endure the harassment and in the meantime …look for another place of employment? Doesn’t mean she caves into this individuals disgusting and vulgar behavior. She just keeps doing what she is paid to do, all the while keeping her mouth shut.
    Granted some of stories we are hearing today are over 20yrs old…and the question is WHY NOW? It’s really is too late; and these ladies telling their stories are they really leaders. Not sure. All I see is that it is bringing out awareness to a very very big problem in all workplace environments. Seeing the downfall of many known TV professionals is the only reason this has shed light on what is still an everyday occurrence in our PROFESSIONAL workplace environments. Let’s also not forget these situations happen as well in our school districts as well.
    Depending on the work environment every situation is different, so I do hope that ALL companies have contacted their HR departments to ensure that there is proper training, and avenues to get employees the assistance they need if the situation ever does arise.
    In these cases here and the many that followed…they were just outright disgusting.
    One last thing to say is Kudos to Gretchen Carlson because it was SHE who led this power of speaking up. SHE took a leap of faith and spoke up, at the right time.


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