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By Dante Vitoria July 4, 2017

At this time of year, our thoughts wander to beach vacations, BBQ’s and all the Summer-Fun, and you should keep an eye on this blog from your BFF…ME!
Recent College Graduates, stay at home parents who are returning to the workforce now that the “little ones” are heading off to school, and anyone else entering or re-entering the job market…here is my “Happy Summer” present to you!

The job market is expanding AND the pool of job seekers has expanded, you will need all of the competitive advantages you can get, so here they are (no need to say “thanks”, but as you know I am rather fond of Italian red wine and cigars…just saying)!
Best of luck in your job search and they are…5 tips that will land you the job:

Interview Tip 1:
Have confidence in your ability and yourself. Who’s better than YOU (hint..NO ONE)? Project yourself in a positive way. Never address your flaws (you HAVE NONE. And NEVER ask “how many other people are applying for this position”? WHO CARES? You are the BEST candidate for it, REMEMBER?

Interview Tip 2:
Do not tell the person interviewing you that you will “work hard”. No kidding! You are applying for a position to earn a living and be a productive member of a successful company. By the way, IF you wander into 14 Wall Street and apply for a position at The Vitoria Group, YOU WILL WORK HARD…and learn how to work “SMART” as well. BUT don’t ever say “I am the hardest worker you’ll ever know”. The person interviewing you thinks THEY are the hardest working person they know!

Interview Tip 3:
Never ask “Did I do OK with the interview”? IF you ask that question, I PROMISE you…you just FAILED! I have heard that question asked of me…and my answer is always “Not very well”! What would you possibly expect to hear? “Wow Joe, we have been waiting ten years for you to come by?” The interviewer will expect you have enough confidence in yourself NOT to ask that question. It shows weakness and a sense of either insecurity OR worse…the interviewer may think you just sold them a “Bill of Goods” (or a barrel of BULL “STUFF”)!

Interview Tip 4:
Do NOT negotiate “DOWN”. Your compensation package (if you get to that point) has already been established by the company. By asking for LESS you just devalued yourself. Offering to work for a “lesser salary to SHOW you how good I am” shows ONE clear thing, and one or two more subtle “statements”.
You have LOWERED yourself just to get in the door. What value do you think the company will assign to you? You also are showing desperation for a “paycheck” and not looking for a career (and perception may be now that you are “in” you will take the next position for a few more dollars). You are also establishing yourself as “low man on the totem pole” and you will get assignments reflecting that. Growth from the bottom is rather hard. I did it…I KNOW!

Interview Tip 5:
Do NOT offer to do a “trial run”! Offering to “do a project” as a test is noble…STUPID but noble. The ONLY industry that I would recommend that you do this is for those applying to a school district as a teacher. However, do a lesson plan BEFORE you have your interview and have it tucked away in a folder (nice new crisp folder in your briefcase). This shows that your education is already being utilized and you also know that teachers spend time at home preparing lessons for their students. After discussing the position, and school then (if it is appropriate) look the interviewer in the eye (as you should always look the interviewer squarely in the eye) and tell them, “I took the liberty to prepare a lesson for ‘My Students’” and hand it to them. NEVER drop it on their desk…If you do that, you are devaluing your work. Be proud of your work, it is VERY WELL DONE!

These pointers will give you a BIG HEAD START in your job search…
Show up on time (and in Vitoriaville that means 5-10 minutes early).
Be dressed properly and professionally.
Don’t tell jokes, at all (NEVER EVER DO THAT. You do not know the interviewer’s sense of humor or if they even have one).
Be professional, calm, confident and polite…that goes a LONG WAY.
And one last piece of advice…If you do not get the position, it is NOT the end of the world. Go over the interview, and evaluate it. Learn from it and “tweak” it…you will get the position you desire…or one better!

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.

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