Free Speech…But Only If “WE” Like What You Say?

By Dante Vitoria March 14, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to you Laurie L. Patton, President of Middlebury College, a fine institution of higher education.
Nestled in your cozy little slice of paradise in Middlebury, VT you trumpet Liberal Arts EXCELLENCE … too bad you don’t teach a course on Constitutional Law.

2,526 students attend Middlebury College, and their Mommies and Daddies …OR the taxpayers (THINK of all the grants, loans and all other forms of federal financial aid) pay on average $47,500 per year and a basic RIGHT, guaranteed to ALL U.S. citizens by the Constitution of the United States of America is not only unknown, but it is worse…they manipulate it to THEIR PURPOSES.
Ahhhh, the plot thickens (always does in the Inferno, that’s why YOU hang out here, right?)
Did I mention that Middlebury College has a $1 BILLION endowment fund?

Charles Murray, noted author, scholar and lecturer attempted to speak at Middlebury, and lo and behold…
Mr. Murray was verbally assaulted as he attempted to speak, and PHYSICALLY ACCOSTED, CONFRONTED and ASSAULTED as he tried to leave.

There are a number of issues here that are clear and troubling and one FACT (there I go again, that dirty little 4 letter word starting with “F”) and one “hidden” underlying “F” word that should scare the HELL out of all of you, but it is very real and unfortunately, a part of our society. Ready…?

It has become a part of our political and social culture. Protests, disruptive actions and even violence are totally acceptable IF we do not agree with someone. BUT it seems to come from ONE side of the aisle, doesn’t it?
The Liberal “Dummycrat” side!

Ever heard how the good Reverend Al Sharpton earns a LARGE PORTION of his TAX-EXEMPT INCOME? Want to?
He shows up at “hot button” or volatile events and gets in front of the camera armed with a “racial” comment, while one of his “bag men” whispers in the “involved person’s ear”, “Reverend Al will go away for “XX” dollars.”

Remember Al Gore, you know, the man who invented the internet and his “hanging chad” theory?

Right up to today… starting fires on Inauguration Day in Washington, DC to protest the most democratic action of all, an election.
Seems that if ANYONE disagrees with someone or something that the liberal left thinks, wants or says… all hell breaks loose, and it is ok, because “they have RIGHTS” right? And you and I don’t, simple as that.

Want more?

Today, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is NOT sold in many retailers that prior to Inauguration Day 2017 were proud to carry the line. By the way, February 2017 was a banner month for the company, and two of the large retailers who removed the line are in dire straits.

Coca-Cola is now running ads geared DIRECTLY to the LGBT community, so as a heterosexual male, I must buy Pepsi?
Why isolate, or in reality PANDER (OR KISS ASS) to a select few, because they CRY if you don’t? Or perhaps Coca-Cola is afraid of reprisals if they don’t?

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters refers to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as a “scumbag”, and that is just “freedom of speech”, right?
Actually, it is a DISGRACE!

Let’s get back to Mr. Murray for a moment. Yes, no doubt, he is controversial and a lightning rod for his views on race and social/economic issues involving race.
Does THAT mean his voice is not to be heard?
Perhaps President Patton can answer that best, after all, she PAID Mr. Murray to show up and speak at Middlebury (transportation, expenses AND his staff members too).
To me (and I HOPE you as well) this is all appalling!

You are ONLY allowed to speak or be heard if you fall in line with “the liberal dummycrat MINORITY”. Right Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and the good folks at CNN (AKA the “Cartoon News Network”)?
But as I said before, there is a much bigger issue…

Remember, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and all the other “nonsense” in the recent past?
These are not grass roots “power to the people” movements…
They are ALL movements carefully planned, strategically choreographed and executed by PAID PROFESSIONAL “shit stirrers”, and this is also a FACT!
Just one last question, who is signing the checks?

Now MORE than ever…In Trump we Trust.

Dante Vitoria is the Founder and CEO of The Vitoria Group in New York City.

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  1. Jacquie Fishbein

    Dante your always so bold to just say it as it is. Loved reading this article…because it’s True. I couldn’t help myself but think…some people have taking bullying to a new level…it’s amazing with a little money how things take a different spin isn’t it. I think I should get on writing a new book “White Lives Matter”…More and More White US born citizens are becoming the minority… wonder who we could chair this group, and be our spoke’s person?? hmmmmm.
    I guess these folks never heard the saying…We maybe living together…doesn’t mean I have to like you.


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